Care and Cleaning of Manstone Engineered Marble and Engineered Granite

Manstone’s engineered marble (also known as cultured marble) and engineered granite (also known as cultured granite) products are custom manufactured at our production facility in Colorado Springs.  Top-quality materials and exceptional workmanship result in beautiful and durable products that will last for many years with proper care and simple maintenance.  

Everyday Cleaning

  • The non-porous and non-staining features of our engineered marble and engineered granite, makes routine cleaning very simple.  Use a normal, non-abrasive foam or liquid bathroom cleaner (such as Scrubbing Bubbles) and a soft sponge or cloth.  Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s application directions carefully.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners (such as Comet, Ajax, etc.), steel wool, scouring pads, scrapers, Magic Erasers, or sandpaper on any part of the surfaces.  Abrasive cleaners will dull the surface and damage the gel coat.
  • Mold and mildew can be removed with a diluted solution of chlorine bleach and water or with a foaming bathroom cleaning product with bleach. Rinse well after cleaning. Never let pure bleach come in contact with any engineered marble or engineered granite surface.
  • Some customers find using a squeegee on shower walls after bathing helps keep the walls extra spotless. 

Periodic Care

  • Restore dull surfaces by polishing them with a nonabrasive liquid auto wax, a nonabrasive furniture polish, or Gel-Gloss (a product that we highly recommend because it is specifically made for engineered marble and engineered granite). This type of periodic maintenance will help maintain the lustrous finish, and repel water, and keep your surfaces cleaner, longer.

  • Gel-Gloss contains non-harmful abrasive cleaning agents that remove surface oxidation and light scratches, while leaving behind a protective carnauba wax coating. It also cleans, protects and restores luster while providing a long lasting protective finish (visit for more information). This is available for purchase from Manstone or from your local hardware and discount stores.

Special Cleaning

  • To remove built up hair spray, paint, tar, and difficult stains from the surface, use turpentine or denatured alcohol. Dampen a clean non-abrasive cloth to clean, do not pour directly on the surface. Do not use these products on whirlpools parts or components as damage may result.
  • To remove hard water or mineral deposits, use a mild solution of vinegar and water.  Very difficult stains can be treated with a cleaner such as CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust).  Be sure to follow the label instructions and rinse well after use.

  • For whirlpool tubs, using them on a regular basis will help prevent buildup in the water line system.  Use a spa and tub cleaner periodically to prevent residue in the system. Follow the instructions for cleaning whirlpool tubs.


  • Do not use abrasive cleaners (such as Comet, Ajax, etc.), steel wool, scouring pads, scrapers, Magic Erasers, or sandpaper on any part of the surfaces.  Abrasive cleaners will dull the surface and damage the protective gel coat.

  • Do not allow the water temperature to exceed 140 degrees.  To prevent thermal shock (cracking), never run extremely hot water onto very cold engineered marble or engineered granite surfaces (mix with cold water). Always insulate marble from cold temperatures, such as cold air from a crawl space.

  • Some chemicals can cause significant damage your product, even during brief periods of contact. Do not use any of the following:  full-strength Clorox or other hypochlorite bleaches, hydrogen peroxide, lye drain cleaners, sodium bisulfate compounds (i.e. Sani-Flush, Vanish, etc.), or paint strippers.

  • Do not use knives, scrapers, putt knives, etc. to remove surface debris as this will scratch the surface beyond repair. 

  • Avoid repeatedly tapping a shaving razor or other hard object against the surface to prevent nicks and scratches.

  • Do not over tighten faucets or drains to prevent surface cracks.
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